The ongoing goal of this blog is to educate the public regarding their emotional well-being. Any future discussion about social well-being is going to be premised upon the specific theoretical principles regarding the way the brain organizes information and experiences reality. We call that theoretical premise The Theory of Metaphorical Iconicity. This theory attempts to describe human cognition.

Our social well-being demands that we understand what’s actually taking place around us and what part we, as human beings, have in the overall outcome of the life experience within our universe.

No, this is not some metaphysical discussion about intangibles. It is a discussion about the structure of the universe as it applies to our daily living, and in particular, daily living in the United States: a democratic capitalistic republic.

How we begin the Metaphorical Iconicity?

We begin the Metaphorical Iconicity social well-being blog with a set of assumptions. These assumptions attempt to be irrefutable, but naturally, feeling threatened, someone will always refute the physical laws of nature. Perhaps, it is the outcome of our brain’s capacity to possess multiple perspective building. In other words, the brain can come around to believing absolutely anything. Why? Because the human brain is just a biological computer. It gets programmed the same way your laptop computer gets programmed. Thus, if the brain can believe anything, that means it can conceptualize anything. Since any computer by definition can be programmed, this creates an inherent problem. What should we believe?

Metaphorical Iconicity proposes that the comprehension of behavior is predicated on what the truth is. What the truth is in the universe, not your brain. The next problem is how do you define truth, if there are no absolutes?

In this blog, I’m going to try and propose some social absolutes. From these absolutes, the relativity of life will begin to take shape. We will use the structure to format social issues in order to serve the best interests of the group rather than the best interests of the individual. Technically, this is called statesmanship. Statesmanship does not exist today. The world has regressed!

The first absolute

The manifested universe consists of units of energy that have coalesced into what we know as light and dark matter. Light matter has organized itself into stars and planets, asteroids and comets all revolving around each other in an infinite cycle of energy creation and destruction. This is called the fabric of space, and there is a fabric. The fabric is gravity. The existence of gravity is absolute. As a result, we are experiencing a certain level of stability in the process of creating and destroying energy. We are the absolute product of this process.

The second absolute

All energy, when interacting with other forms of energy, experiences an interface. Consider this the site of maximum tension between different forms of energy. It is at this level of the interface that we can understand how our social well-being appears stable at times and unstable at others. Effectively, the interface of social well-being is about the interaction of social beings with the environment, as well as the interaction of social beings with each other. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about lower forms of life or complex forms of life, at the level of interface, there is some kind of a balance that nature maintains, but which destabilizes periodically. We interface with the environment and ourselves. This is an absolute.

The third absolute

Without “force”, there can be no structure to the interface of energies, such as within the cosmos or between ourselves. This is the opposite of chaos, which, in scientific terms, is called the force of Entropy. Without a force, nothing that we know of as “life” or reality could exist. The significance is that without structuring energy at its level of interface, reality doesn’t exist. If reality exists, and is then perceived, then it must be governed by the principles of structure. This is an absolute.

The fourth absolute

The principles of structure are to be respected at the level of the interface, then they need to be respected in any discussion about human behavior. Human behavior can be understood in terms of energy. Survival Priorities that govern human behavior can be understood in terms of the exchange of energy at the level of the interface between the self and the environment, or between selves. At this level of interface, the collective interaction, which is designed to maintain and perpetuate the structure of reality and therefore “life”, must be recognize as the preferred direction for all human behavioral and technical innovation.

With these four absolutes in place, we can now look at human beings living together, and living in the environment, with the presumption that stability needs to be the ultimate goal. But to have stability, by definition, there has to be moments of instability. Instability creates the opportunity for growth and change. This is how we can account for the current state of reality.

Stability is not about the absence of conflict, social or otherwise, but rather stability is present within the intention of the law and social justice. This would include social, as well as environmental, justice.

How I intend on using Metphorical Iconicity

In this blog, I intend to use the Metaphorical Iconicity principles that help to explain human behavior and its dysfunction, in order to understand the greater challenges of our social and political time. There is only one earth, and until someone finds an alternative, we have to make this earth work for us. While there is nothing unique in this perspective, it does feel progressive when considered in the light of Metaphorical Iconicity principles, which I believe to be appropriate for the current social and political climate in this country.

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