Peaks Coaching Pricing

  • Working exclusively with business executives, dentist attorneys and medical doctors,
  • Offering services in Career, Family, Marital, Relationship and Individual issues.
  • Teaching an Emotion-based program designed to promote permanent change.
  • The three phase program: an extensive history taking, presentation of emotionally based tools, and extensive practice phase for implementation of the tools.
  • An interactive program requiring active dual participation rather than singular passive talking.
  • The therapist is available seven days a week by email and phone to discuss any issue that promotes limits individual suffering.
  • A basic session summary letter is provided for review and subsequent question follow-up.
  • Your retainer is paid on a monthly basis, and should you terminate, the balance is returned.
  • One hour sessions, one or two times per week.
  • $175 per hour.

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“I like that Metaphorical Iconicity tries to explain why the brain is what it is rather than just talking and hoping that that cures the psychological affects of bad programming.”