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Money can’t buy happiness…………………. sure it can!!!!

Every day in this country, people go to work, people go to school, and people make plans for their lives in pursuit of individual achievement. Most often these pursuits are guided by the belief that money can buy happiness. “The more money, the happier I will be.” This is a very reasonable conclusion based on our culture of forced capitalism. Our culture makes us want more. While life would be much simpler if we did not want so much, the truth is the life and the culture we live in encourages us to want more. As it you might suspect this pursuit of more is often at the heart of a struggling career. This excessive pursuit leaves people feeling inadequate, while the overall culture presses on.

Peaks Performance CoachingExecutive and Business Coaching at Peaks is about helping people get more out of their lives by showing them what they’re missing. To get there requires a process involved that is counter-intuitive. Rather than teaching people to set goals and create action plans on the outside, we turn our coaching clients toward the inside where their beliefs, self-image and self-esteem are hidden. We help them understand the image that they have of themselves and their place in the world. Many people don’t recognize that their place in the world was not their decision. As a result, what they believe about themselves materializes in the world that they create for themselves. So business coaching is about creating a better world for themselves, rather than accepting the worldviews they were given.

In order to create the world that they really want, they must possess the talent to make a contribution. They must then guide the expression of that talent using an internal sense of purpose or focus. To feel their purpose in life, they need to know who they are and what feels natural. Most people can identify their talents, because they have been gravitating towards those behaviors, since they were children. Their talents reflect the things they love to do with their mind and body, but there is more to the process of business success.

Successful careers possess an internal awareness of how to integrate their internal talents into an external world through focus and purpose. Everyone in business has some form of a talent, but only those who believe in their purpose can act with focus, succeed with style and experience pride in their achievements. Everyone who comes to Peaks Business Coaching already has talent. They come to Peaks Business Coaching because they are finally acknowledging that they are struggling with a lack of focus and therefore finding the feelings of success to be very elusive. They are always pleased, however, to learn that their lack of focus is not their fault. It is the way they were raised and how they practiced what they were taught to believe about themselves that is the source of their career dissatisfaction.

Executive Business Career Coach - San Diego, CA - Dr. Frank CarterBusiness coaching comes down to understanding what the business coaching client believes about themselves.

There are deeper truths that guide their manifested behavior in the world: as well as their business career choices. Their business career is guided by what they believe they are capable of and what they are entitled to. While this may seem obvious, for those people who struggle in business, they are struggling with a self-image of contradictory beliefs.

At Peaks Business Coaching, we teach clients to interact more successfully with the world. We teach clients to make better decisions by helping them analyze the context and the contents of everyday situations. Most people who struggle in business do not see the forest from the trees, and once they learn how to do that, their life, family and business ambitions and expectations fall into place. It’s about altering beliefs that have the most material influence on a business coaching client’s career success and personal satisfaction.

In conclusion, Peaks Business Coaching is about helping clients get to the point where they can make a series of good decisions. After a while, these good decision experiences become self reinforcing, and they demonstrate to the client that they can make good decisions on their own. As a result, they can change the way they see themselves, they can change what they believe about themselves, and in response, they can influence their world more than they thought they could. It is this belief that things do not have to continue the way they are that is the greatest accomplishment of Peaks Business Coaching.

Successful careers possess an internal awareness of how to integrate their internal talents into an external world through focus and purpose.