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MI, which forms the basis for our proprietary coaching model, is premised on the principle that your life as you experience it today, with its successes and failures, is a combination of both the genetics of generations past and your past experiences from childhood.

By exploring and analyzing specifically how your brain has combined your genetics and experiences, we can understand why you make the decisions that you do: both the successful ones and the unsuccessful ones.

We can then teach you to mobilize your emotions in a constructive manner, thereby enhancing your productivity and creativity, and inevitably making your life a whole lot easier.

Where does the term Metaphorical Iconicity come from?

Metaphorical Iconicity is a theory about how the brain organizes information and uses that information throughout your life.

Our brains organize information according to both Icons and Metaphors.

An Icon is a symbol that all brains, no matter where we’re from, are hardwired to recognize. This is biological. Icons can range from parental figures, like mother and father, to human virtues, like generosity, empathy and courage.

A Metaphor is the way the brain organizes information. We use simple models of what we have experienced previously to understand the more complicated present experience, which in turn guides our decisions. In other words, we use the past to understand the present and prepare for the future.

Coaching methodology

The coaching methodology of PEAKS seeks to coach individuals toward remembering and embracing their universal genetic and behavioral truths, which, once they are finally allowed to be experienced, feel natural to the brain and diminish stress levels drastically.

The PEAKS coaching process involves a structured program to not only help you understand who you are and why, but also to help you see the truth of your past and then create the framework from which all of your future decisions will be made: a new, significantly, and automatically life enhancing perspective.

Discovering your truth does not always feel good, nor is it easy to do, however it does always pay off in the end.


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