“I am noticing that I am making better choices that are more conducive to happiness when I ask my three questions. I’ve been making a lot of changes in my behavior and in the people I surround myself with and truly believe I am in a better place than I was six months ago, and I am hopeful for the future.”

“Between my healthy, happy self and my unhealthy, miserable self, that separation and drawing my attention to all the behaviors I have that make me feel bad raises an awareness of this process and helps me to make better choices.”

“It is helping me to learn to behave in more positive healthy ways which has made me generally happier and less fearful about some things.”

I am better able to deal with feeling my feelings. It requires me to leave my comfort zone, which is extremely difficult for me.”

“Instead of having my parents voice in my head, it’s my therapist. You provided me with three questions to ask myself. Using these questions and the other tools helps me to face most challenges. At least I go in feeling I have some basic tools to face the challenge and make an informed decision, one way or another.”

“I was previously unaware of the motivations for my behavior. Now I understand why I acted the way I did… and was able to make changes. Perhaps not as much change as possible, but some changes nevertheless. Thank you!”

“It challenges me to look at situations in my life, both personal and in business, in a new way. Without therapy or coaching, these new trains of thought would never have been explored.”

“I like the fact that it happens every week and that my therapist is available via email or phone every day.That access is important to me. The weekly letters are also an excellent reference that can be discussed later.”

“It makes for a logical approach in explaining behavior and thought processes without assigning blame.”

My therapist is very dedicated to his clients. He is there 24/7. The session summaries are fantastic reviews and allow further insight and reinforcement.”

“It is helping me to see that to which I was blind prior to entering therapy. It is also helping me become okay with myself despite the handicaps left from my childhood.”

“Metaphorical Iconicity is helping me to understand the principles behind what I missed or how I was trained by my parents, which is my brain today. It can be reprogrammed but only by new behaviors teaching the brain that new behaviors feel better than the way that the brain was programmed to feel originally.”

I like having someone who understands me. Someone who can help me figure me out. I like having someone who I can contact at any time and will help me through any of life’s curveballs. I’m glad that I can begin to understand my behaviors and put them in proper places, rather than just blaming them on poor decisions. They are decisions that I make based on how my brain is supposed to feel.”

“I like that Metaphorical Iconicity tries to explain why the brain is what it is rather than just talking and hoping that that cures the psychological affects of bad programming.”

I like the meditation, and in recent weeks, doing meditation exercises together to try and go back into my childhood to try and remember how I felt the first time I felt a certain way. Focusing on how I’m feeling and staying with that feeling to realize that I’m safe now, and that really those feelings that I had, as a child, are only perpetuated by my protective fantasy, now and then, helps me appreciate that the reality now is much different.”

“He keeps me honest and my weekly sessions give me feedback on how I’m doing. Even if I am not feeling good, and I can’t seem to recover by myself, I usually know why I am feeling that way and make the positive shift by the end of the session.”

“Because my therapist has been there for me. He has been incredibly reliable, consistent and unwavering in his commitment to the process for a long time now. It is this process that has allowed me to learn the principles of a very foreign way of thinking and developed an extreme trust in him and his process that I value. He is so passionate about my success in MI that I have come to trust it as a theory/process.”

“Based on your instruction, I am able to see patterns in my behavior and feelings. Just by recognizing what I’m doing (see more clearly; being more conscious) I am better able to change my actions so I feel better. I also like being told by someone I trust what is normal and what is not. It’s a luxury to be able to ask advice about simple everyday things and rely safely on that advice, i.e., friendships, my marriage, my children, and family trips.”

“It is helping me by giving me a reason to why my brain is organized the way it is. It has helped me to understand why I struggle with relationships with men and women, and why over most of my life I have felt alone, and fearful of any other human interaction. I am changing; it is taking a long time, but I feel that I’ve made valuable inroads in my mental health.”

“I like that I have someone who will not lie to me. I like that the program is consistent.

“It seems that the problems I face come from my surroundings. Some are not so easy to change, like job locale and people I work with. It may seem repetitive to my therapist that we go over the same people with different situations each week, but the repetition represents practice and a reminder that I need to do it better. That is the essence of your program. It’s like a golf swing. You have to practice; you have the coaching comment, and then go back and practice some more.”

“The way our communication is set up, I can provide myself with a thoughtful review of the summary letter and then ask more questions. This way we can spend our phone time without me having to do too much explaining.”

It is helpful; it is helping me.

“My life is clearly much better as a result of our work. However, I still have anxiety that would be reduced if I incorporated and practiced the three questions more regularly. My life has greatly improved, and as a result, I have a sense of security and direction in my life.”

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“I like that Metaphorical Iconicity tries to explain why the brain is what it is rather than just talking and hoping that that cures the psychological affects of bad programming.”