Would You Like to Find Your Emotional Well-Being

This blog is intended to introduce the ideas of Metaphorical Iconicity. Metaphorical Iconicity is a theory about cognition and human development that provides the basis for a psychotherapeutic intervention technique. In this series of blogs, we will attempt to define emotional well-being using the terms inherent in Metaphorical Iconicity theory. Then, in subsequent blogs, we will address specific aspects of behavior, discuss their antecedents, analyze the competing emotional forces, and discuss the consequences in terms of our social and cultural expectations (as well as distortions, and how they contribute to individual unhappiness).
The term emotional well-being
The term emotional well-being is meant […]

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It’s all about relating energy

The ongoing goal of this blog is to educate the public regarding their emotional well-being. Any future discussion about social well-being is going to be premised upon the specific theoretical principles regarding the way the brain organizes information and experiences reality. We call that theoretical premise The Theory of Metaphorical Iconicity. This theory attempts to describe human cognition.

Our social well-being demands that we understand what’s actually taking place around us and what part we, as human beings, have in the overall outcome of the life experience within our universe.

No, this is not some metaphysical discussion about intangibles. It is a […]

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